Lab Members


Year Name Research Topic Presently
1999 盧天麒(Tian-chi Lu) 在網路虛擬環境之協同分散式平台設計 國立嘉義大學資訊工程學系 副教授、主任
2001 許正忠(Cheng-chung Hsu) 影像處理、分散式計算、醫學影像 Computer Version 正修科技大學 副教授
2001 江傳文(Chung-wen Chiang) 虛擬環境Java-Based Technologies, Database 國立高雄第一科技大學電腦與通訊工程系 副教授
2004 許丕忠 電腦圖學Computer Graphic 樹德科技大學 副教授
2005 高一峰 醫學影像處理Medical Image Processing 高雄醫學大學 助理教授
2005 丁川康 人工智慧與演算法Artificail Intellegence 國立中正大學資訊工程系 副教授
2006 潘進儒 Design of Robust State Observer for a Class of Uncertain Multiple Time-delays Systems 國立金門大學資訊工程學系 副教授
2006 沈鴻哲 Content-based MIDI Music Retrieval and Computer-aided Composition Based on Musical Whistling
2007 簡銘伸(Ming-Shen Jian) 無線異質性網路資源與路由分配Wireless Network and Mobile Computinge 國立虎尾科技大學資訊工程系 助理教授
2008 周大源(Ta-Yuan Chou) 飛航排班最佳化,演化式計算Evolution Algorithm 國家高速網路與計算中心 助理研究員
2008 王朝煌(Chao-huang Wang) Two Variants of Self-Organizing Map and Their Applications in Image Quantization and Compression
2009 吳鵬榮(Peng-Jung Wu) 網路封包傳送P2P, Packet Loss 工研院研究員
2009 高詠証 多媒體Multimedia Acessing 工研院研究員
2011 吳建興(Jain Shing Wu) 生物資訊 Bioinfirmation、巨型資料分析 Big Data Analysis 福建三明學院 副教授
2014 吳明泰 演化式計算Evolution Algorithm 哈爾濱工業大學
2014 高譿翔 點對點隨選視訊系統中結合網路編碼之雙層快取機制
2016 龔奕瑋 The Novel Twig-Join Algorithm with Structure for Efficient Retrieval of XML Documents Newegg(台灣新蛋)
2016 黃郁琇 Message Authentication Schemes for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks
2016 張福生 急難救助管理最佳化Emergency Management Optimization


Year Name Research Topic
1995 周俊男 License Plate Recognition System
1996 張銘豪 Alphanumeric Recognition by Parts
1998 陳敦裕 Towards Efficient Video Indexing and Retrieval
1999 蔡錫邦 Hybrid Distributed Computing Environment with Java and PVM for Image Processing
1999 張明智 A Match_based Task Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Environment
1999 馮智銘 Image Watermarking Using Corresponding Location Relationship
1999 曹恭銘 Fault Tolerant Video Services Using Java Media Framework
2000 謝明淑 Adaptive Allocation of Resources based on Real-Time Network Load in 3G Wireless Communication Network
2001 夏文洋 An HLA-based Simulation Environment for Virtual Reality via Java3D
2001 余謙 Design and Implementation of a 3D Soft Object Modeling System Using Implicit Functions
2001 葉宏傑 An Agent-based on-line Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Machinery of Hot Strip Mill
2001 邊修弘 New Intra and Inter Shape Coding Algorithms for MPEG-4
2002 林家瑋 Eye Tracking System
2002 鍾依芸 States Classification Code Assignment and Proportional Reservation Policy Code Tree in W-CDMA
2002 李怡德 Primer Design Using Double Orthogonal Arrays Intelligent Crossover Genetic Algorithm
2002 高啟峰 An Interactive Transcoding System for Mobile Devices
2003 陳志展 Routing Path Selection Algorithm Based On Price Mechanism In Ad-Hoc Network
2004 梁宏隆 Multiplex PCR Primer Design Using Genetic Algorithm
2004 施宗榮 Adaptive Routing Algorithm with Qos support in Heterogeneous Wireless Network
2004 李雅惠 Optimal Quality Control for Oligo-arrays Using Genetic Algorithm
2004 江建賢 Design of 3D Object with Implicit function on Pocket PC
2004 李宜展 Ant Colony Optimization for Task Matching and Scheduling
2005 陳雅筠 Generating Implicit Functions Model from Triangles Mesh Model by Using Genetic Algorithm
2005 黃爾健 Exon Primers Design Using Multiobjective Genetic Alogorithm
2005 黃天麒 An Adaptive Route Optimization Scheme for Mobile IP Networks
2005 林彷蓮 Probe Design Using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm
2006 蘇建豪 A Multi-Parent Crossover for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
2006 高譓翔 Throughput Analysis and Enhancement of Multi-Channel MAC Protocol in Ad-Hoc Networks
2006 林耕宇 GPIT:A cross-Platgorm Graphics Performance Tuning Tool for Embedded System
2006 黃偉銓 Construction of Compact 3D Objects by Radial Basis Functions and Progressive Compression
2006 朱孝毅 Degenerate Primer Design Using Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
2007 張慧君 Wireless Heterogeneous Transmitter Placement Based on the Variable-Length Genetic Algorithm
2007 胡麗君 Distributed Dynamic Channel Assignment of Multi-Channel MAC Protocol in Ad-Hoc Network
2007 謝坤憲 Sim-paramecium Evolution Algorithm based on Enhanced Livability and Competition
2007 陳淑芬 Cinstruction Gene Relation Network Using Text Mining and Bayesian Network
2008 黃振愷 Heterogeneous Wireless Transmitter Placement with Multiple Constraints Based on the Variable-Length Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
2008 陳俐君 Credit-Based Incentive Mechanism for Reducing Free-Riding Problem
2008 蔡逢文 CAn Emulator for OpenGL ES 2.0 based on C-language Compiler
2008 陳明成 A GA-Fuzzy-Based Voting Mechanism for Microarray Data Classification
2008 鄧宇志 Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand Streaming Using Multi-Source Forwarding Scheme
2008 洪志仰 OpenGL ES-based Emulator with Performance Tuning in the 3DApplication Development Platform for Embedded Systems
2009 張峻豪 Smart-Fit:Peer-to-Peer Topology Construction Strategy for Live Video Streaming towards Minimized Delay
2009 蔡明得 A vEB-Tree based Strategy for Interactive VoD Services in P2P Networks
2009 周彥圻 Style Music Accompaniment Using a Variable-length Genetic Algorithm with Chord Progression
2009 蔡宗銘 A New Band AMC Multicast Resource Allocation Scheme over Mobile WiMAX
2009 吳峻銘 Slice-Based Water Simulation for Breaking Waves
2010 黃彥錚 結合流固耦合之有效Slice-based海洋模擬機制
2010 張惟舜 A Video Surveillance Alarm System based on Human Behavior Analysis
2010 戴偉倫 Three Dimensional Fire Simulation based on Visual Learning of Image Features
2010 吳國翊 GAGS:A Novel Microarray Gene Selection Algorithm for Gene Expression Classification
2010 郭健宏 A Fluid-solid Coupling 3D Debris Flow Simulation Using FLO-2D Model
2010 蔡安修 Berth Schedule Planning of the Kaohsiung Port by Genetic Algorithms
2011 陳盈村 在無線中繼網路利用部分頻率複用群播分層影片
2011 王庭偉 Interactive 3D Stereoscopic Fish Tank
2011 戴協璋 A Storage QoS and Power Saving Distributed Storage System for Cloud Computing
2012 朱家正 Performance Enhancementof the Erasure-Coded Storage Systems in Cloud Using the ELL-based Technique
2012 齊修瑞 應用機率式機制在區域路由協定中的內部區域路由協定
2012 賴信宏 在部分頻率複用中繼網路裡之多重換手決策機制
2012 蔡明純 運用雲端運算技術偵測影響半導體製程之關鍵參數
2012 周庭暉 Automatically Generating Payload-based Models for Botnet Detection
2013 謝文婕 3D Fishing animation using video-based visual behavior learning mechanism
2014 朱昇瑋 Signal Synchronization and Resource Reuse Schemes for Multimedia Multicast Service in LTE-A Heterogeneous Networks
2014 張庭愿 A Real-time Dynamic Terrain Algorithm in Battlefields
2014 楊 毅 3D Fish Animation Generating System Based on Analysis of Video-based Fish Swimming Motion
2014 邱凱聖 應用行為、嘴部動作與聲音的多模式麥克風控制系統
2014 廖晉坤 Intelling 3D Fish Interaction System Using Event-based Visual Behavior Learning Mechanism
2014 莊傑安 LTE網路中針對異質基地台之佈署策略
2015 沈思成 Event Detection and Video Summarization for Parking Lot Surveillance
2015 胡鈞惟 Smart Speaker Tracking System
2015 高譿翔 Two-Level Cache Scheme with Network Coding in Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand System
2015 賴漢庭 在LTE網路中用於群播服務的考量計價等級資源分配機制之研究
2015 黃柏誠 Negative Emotion Detection with Consideration of Events and Places for Chinese Posts on Facebook and Applications
2015 楊智翔 Multi-view Image Generation by Hole Area Partial Rendering in DIBR Hole Filling for 3D Display
2016 林俊宏 A Dynamic CRE and ABS Scheme to Enhance Network Capacity in LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks
2016 林佳憲 Wireless Multimedia Conference system
2016 吳忠岳 Implementation of Independent Small Cell Communication System
2016 陳翔竣 User Designable Interactive Artificial Aquarium with Leap Motion
2017 劉佳盈 Real-time Face Recognizing System with Self-learning
2017 林江瑜 Automatic Video Recording System for Class Room
2017 莊弼堯 Object Recognition Using a Dynamic Learning Approach
2017 蔡安廸 GPU Acceleration of Eigenface of the Face Recognition System
2017 林瑞嚴 Video Summarization based on Face Recognition
2017 吳健民 Implementation and Verification of 5G Network Architecture by Using Open Source Software
2017 張為捷 Implementation and Verification of the Different C-RAN Architectures Based on Open Source Software
2018 陳昊 Paperless Multimedia Conference System on Google Cloud
2018 林冠華 The Implementation of UVA Integrated Communication System Based on Beyond Visual Line of Sight
2018 曾俊彥 A Priority-based Predictive Resource Scheduling Algorithm for MTC in LTE Network
2019 姜柏程 搞笑系統
2019 李順益 Automated Speaker Tracking and Recording System
2019 洪國智 Dynamic Threshold for DDoS Mitigation in SDN Environment
2019 張心瑜 A Novel Coordinated Multi-Point Algorithm Based on Integration of Hybrid Dynamic Clustering and Dynamic Point Selection
2019 劉軒佑 Simulation of Swarm Intelligence in Pollution Sources Searching and Verification of Group Flight Formation
2019 郭和昇 Design and Implementation of Flexible and Interactive English Learning Platform
2019 李培暉 A Chinese-English Code-Mixing Chatbot Based on Transformer Network Architecture
2019 曾國維 Performance Improvement of GTP-U using Enhanced Open vSwitch
2020 劉育崎 Implementation of a Smart Video Recording and On-line Teaching System
2020 陳子傑 High-Quality Smart Recording System Based on Deep Learning
2020 林軒瑗 An AI Adaptive Intelligent Online Examination System
2020 陳陞 Implementation and Verification Network Slicing using Open Source Softwares
2020 林芸琪 A Smart Document Classification and Verification System
2021 林昱全 A UAV Precision Landing and Obstacle Avoidance System Based on Point Cloud and Artifical Potential Field
2021 梁鼎忠 Flow-Based DDoS Detection Using Deep Neural Network with Radial Basis Function Neural Network as Features Selection
2021 滕熙評 A High Performance Smart Document Classification and Verification System
2021 李冠霖 5G Network Slicing Provisioning with Open Source Software
2021 周聖育 Forecast of Stock Market Trend Based on Deep Learning
2021 陳柏宇 Analysis and Implementation of Network Coding on OpenAirInterface Platform
2021 吳承祐 A Privacy-Aware Offloading Algorithm Based on MEC Trust-Aware Framework
2022 陳正根 Design of a Deep Learning Based Moving Ship Tracking System Using UAV


Name Year E-mail
黃天祥 博士 2012 - 2017
王智敏 博士 2013 - 2014
王朝煌 博士 2014 - 2015
李名峰 博士 2014 - 2021
Dr.Ishu Gupta 2022 -


Name E-mail
陳玫儒 (Mei-Ru Chen)
羅鈞煌 (Jun-Huang Luo)
吳玠 (Jie Wu)
李承鴻 (Cheng-Hung Lee)
黃書賢 (Shu-Hsien Huang)
張天駿 (Tien-Chung Chang)
李育瑋 (Yu-Wei Li)
李良尉 (Liang-Wei,Li)
張哲瑋 (Zhe-Wei Zhang)
黃駿逸 (Chun-Yi Huang)
鄭敦嘉 (Tui-Chia Chrng)


Name E-mail Tel
莊沂倫 () 07-5252000#4335
張鏵方() 07-5252000#4335
陳昊 (CH)